The New Wilderness

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The New Wilderness

The documentary is about a truly unique and wild piece of nature in the second dense


In one of the world’s most populous country has developed a nature reserve of international stature : Oostvaardersplassen . Here nature determines the rhythm . For two years, followed by a number of film teams foxes , geese , kingfishers , deer and the largest herd of wild horses in Europe. The result is a nature film like that has never been made ​​. Earlier in Netherlands The expressive Konik horses shed their foals between the calves of the majestic red deer and Heck cattle .
An abundance of new life trying to conquer . New territories with spectacular battles It is a place in the spring and summer is a paradise , but in the winter a stark landscape . There is less food so that the inhabitants of the grasslands and swamps must make vital choices. The New Wilderness is a natural spectacle for the whole family . The ” circle of life” or ” circle of life ” in the Oostvaardersplassen beautifully portrayed. Sometimes poignant but humorous and endearing

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